Threads are absorbable PDO (polydioxanone) surgical sutures inserted under the skin to create a smoothing, filling or lifting effect. Results can be seen immediately after the procedure, and within three to six months, one's own collagen begins to form around the treads – improving skin texture and tone.


Smooth, Fill or Lift

How Threads Work

  • SMOOTH threads are single fine threads placed in cross hatched patterns to build surface collagen.
  • FILLING threads shaped as screws or brooms create volume in treated areas such as the lips or tear troughs.
  • LIFTING threads have fine barbs that create a subtle alternative to a face, neck or eye lift.

I'm pleased to offer threads as a cosmetic service at my practice. I've seen long-lasting results with many of my patients. Unlike fillers, the more treatments that are done, the more collagen is laid down to create results in the form of thicker, firmer, and stronger collagen. These lasting results can last up to two years."

Dr. Stacey Tull

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