“Exfoliate. Extract. Infuse.” – Improve Your Skin With DiamondGlow™

In our office, we’re proud to offer DiamondGlow™, a treatment safe for all skin types that addresses several skin conditions such as fine lines, fine acne scars, sun damage and other blemishes. Known as a microdermabrasion treatment, DiamondGlow™ revives your skin’s tone and texture.

How it Works

For this treatment, we use a diamond-encrusted handpiece that suctions and removes the outermost layer of dead skin. We also use four hydrating DiamondGlow™ serums to increase circulation and instantly produce healthier-looking skin. For best results, we recommend multiple treatments.

Who Can Benefit from DiamondGlow™

This treatment is ideal for anyone who is looking to improve the look and feel of their skin in a variety of areas. DiamondGlow™ treats conditions on the face, neck, back chest, posterior of the arms and more.

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