Pro-Nox is Now Available for Your Procedure

Your procedures at SCC Derm Surgery will now be even more comfortable with our newest offering, Pro-Nox! Our Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide system for pain relief will keep you comfortable and calm during your entire procedure.

At your own pace, you can control your intake of Pro-Nox which is a blend of nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) and oxygen. This gives you complete control to adjust your intake based on your current comfort level.

Top Benefits Include

  • You’ll still stay alert during your procedure
  • Pain and discomfort will be minimized
  • Anxiety will be minimized
  • You can drive yourself home after

We’re pleased to offer Pro-Nox at only $50 per appointment! Just ask our staff for more information during your visit.

More About Pro-Nox

The Pro-Nox system is based on a long history of success using nitrous oxide as a calming agent and analgesic. Nitrous oxide has been safely used for more than a century in dermatologic, surgical, and dental settings. Historically, clinical staff has been in control of dosing and administration of this mild sedative. What Pro-Nox does is give you control. This is made possible by internal safety mechanisms such as infection control via a one-way delivery valve and automatic shut-off if either nitrous oxide or oxygen levels in the machine become too low.

Nitrous oxide is one of the oldest and safest forms of sedation to be used in clinical settings. In comparison to oral and IV sedatives, the advantage of nitrous oxide is that the calming effects occur rapidly and dissipate within about 5 minutes after the completion of treatment. Due to this fast-action, patients need not arrive for appointments early nor are they required to arrange transportation to and from their appointments. Once the effects of nitrous oxide wear off, normal activities can be resumed. In cases where the specific procedure would not preclude driving, patients using Pro-Nox can drive home after their treatment.


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